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Film Quiz Coming Soon

The film quiz is a website allowing users to test their film knowledge. They are challenged by decade, by trying to answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds and by answering as many correct answers in a row.

Plotography Coming Soon

Plotography is a photo location plotting social network. It allows you to log and share your photos displayed with markers on a Google Map.

Book Log Coming Soon

Book Log is a simple databasing website, allowing you to add, list, edit and remove books that you have. The site also features an inactive timeout that logs you out.


"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - Enjoyed my time working with Laurence ... He is a good team player, reliable and creative ... he would throw himself at it with gusto with the end result never failing to impress."

Philip Gearing - Owner / Manager of Foster Gearing

"Having Laurence design, build and maintain my website for me was incredibly easy, flexible and dependable. The design was tailored to meet my ever changing ideas and requirements ... he's top of my list to return to for future projects."

Laura Lexx - Comedian

"Laurence is a flexible and extremely competent developer who is comfortable is a wide range of technologies. He came to AmazeRealise with plenty of expertise and experience and has worked hard to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and frameworks. On a personal level, I've greatly enjoyed working with him in a team, where his quiet sense of humour and calm approach to work means he effortlessly delivers project on time and budget."

Ross Angus - Senior Front End Developer at AmazeRealise

"Even though I have known Laurence for a significant length of time I unfortunately have rarely had the opportunity to work with him directly. However I am very much aware of the hard work and dedication he has given to our craft through all the good things I have heard from others and from what I have seen from him. From the ground up, a well rounded and talented developer. Laurence would make a great addition to any team."

Joe McDowall - Senior Front End Engineer at AmazeRealise


Laurence Cliff

I’m a web developer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love films, playing hockey, running, doing weights and support Man Utd.

I've worked on websites for clients such as English Football League, RBS, The Jockey Club, Tennent's, Sainsbury's, Inver House Distillers and the Scottish Government.

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