Big Green Truck - Website

Big Green Truck provide a recycling service where they come to your home or work place.

The website features navigation that scrolls you to the appropriate section. When the view scrolls past the logo in the home section a logo fades in to the fixed navigation at the top of the browser. When scrolling back up past the home page logo, the one in the fixed nav bar fades out.

The sections of the site that can be scrolled through are all separate pages that are pulled in using XHR.

Something that really stands out is a 2 tabbed carousel. Select one tab and you see 5 paginated slides. Click on the other tab and it switches to 3 paginated slides of different style and content.

The site also features a flash animation and lightboxes which show content from other pages using Ajax.

Finally there's a Google Map embed with a custom marker and a contact form with client-side and server-side validation.

All work featured was carried out through my employment at Whitespace and as part of a project team.


"Having Laurence design, build and maintain my website for me was incredibly easy, flexible and dependable. The design was tailored to meet my ever changing ideas and requirements ... he's top of my list to return to for future projects."

Laura Lexx - Comedian

"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - Enjoyed my time working with Laurence ... He is a good team player, reliable and creative ... he would throw himself at it with gusto with the end result never failing to impress."

Philip Gearing - Owner / Manager of Foster Gearing