Highland Spring Group - Brand Assets Section

The brief for the Highland Spring Group work was to produce a secure brand assets section for the site.

Usernames and passwords can be created in the back-end, allowing companies to log in, search, view and download branding assets for promotional use. Users that aren't logged in are redirected to the branding assets homepage.

Assets can be added in the back-end by an administrator, providing a title, description and image for the thumbnail and asset. There's also the option to add a url, if this is provided then this url overwrites the path for the download; a feature that would be used for downloadable files that aren't images.

Hovering over an asset in the list would expand the caption over the image revealing links to view a larger version of the image or to download it.

The asset being viewed opens in a lightbox, with navigation icons to switch between assets and also a link to download the asset. A PHP script was written to handle the downloading of either images or different file types such as Illustrator files and so on.

A search field uses the assets' title and description for keywords and the results are paginated into sets of 9 assets.

Highland Spring Group also wanted the companies to upload an image of how they had used their assets, therefore a form was created to handle this, with the submission being emailed to an administrator linking to the uploaded image.

All work featured was carried out through my employment at Whitespace and as part of a project team.


"Having Laurence design, build and maintain my website for me was incredibly easy, flexible and dependable. The design was tailored to meet my ever changing ideas and requirements ... he's top of my list to return to for future projects."

Laura Lexx - Comedian

"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - Enjoyed my time working with Laurence ... He is a good team player, reliable and creative ... he would throw himself at it with gusto with the end result never failing to impress."

Philip Gearing - Owner / Manager of Foster Gearing