Don't Risk It - Kids in the Car Website

Kids in the Car is part of the Scottish Government's Don't Risk It road safety campaign.

The website features a the television advert as well as another video featuring children talking about their parents' bad driving that they've noticed.

There is a page offering many pieces of advice to help parents drop their bad habits whilst driving. A short snippet of each advice is displayed in a box, clicking on the plus sign expands the box and increases the amount of visible copy.

Also featured is a questionnaire which asks the parent if they've ever done certain things whilst driving. A short paragraph of feedback is displayed depending on their answers and the parent can download a 'certificate' for their child to colour in.

The most complicated part of the site is the Kid's Gallery. Here, children can upload drawings of their parents' bad habits when driving. The form for this has client-side and server-side validation including checking that the uploaded file is of correct type and below the file size limit. If the uploaded image is valid then it is re-sized with PHP, once for the thumbnail and once for the gallery before being uploaded to the server. An email is sent to the administrator who checks the submission and if approved the image shows in the gallery.

At the top of the gallery page it starts with an embedded flash video which introduces the gallery. At the end of the video the user can replay the video, view the gallery which removes the video and sets the first thumbnail as the image in the gallery or click to submit a drawing which anchors down to the form.

Events on the video such as playing, pausing and completion are tracked through Google Analytics.

The gallery features a paginated carousel of thumbnail images in frames. Each carousel slide shows 10 thumbnails, if for example there are only 4 images on a slide of 10, then 6 empty frames show. Hovering over a thumbnail reveals the child's name. Clicking on a thumbnail shows the larger image in the gallery and also pulls through data for that thumbnail such as the child's first name, age and city.

There is also another carousel on the homepage and AddThis integration for sharing the site as well as separate use of the Facebook API for sharing the parents' promise

All work featured was carried out through my employment at Whitespace and as part of a project team.


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