Scotland 2014 - Games Legacy Website

The Games Legacy website is built using Drupal and provides background information regarding everything that's happening in the build up to the Scottish Government's Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow in 2014.

The site features a multi-stage application form which validates all the entries and depending on what options the applicant picks, they either progress or their application is ended and they're provided with a custom reason for this.

As they go through the questions the progress bar updates and also takes into account if there are fewer questions to fill out based on their previous answers.

One of the questions asks the applicant to add financial sources. There is only one set of form fields, but when they click to add another financial source, the values are taken from the fields, stored in an array of objects, the fields are cleared and the applicant can repeat the process to add more financial sources. This array of objects is then converted to a JSON object and set as the value of a hidden field.

When the form is submitted, pre-proccessing hooks take this JSON object, decode it and write a new display for the Drupal admin view. On the submission view, the client can assess the submission and approve or reject the application. If it's approved, a user profile is created with a set role and a password is generated. These details are emailed to the applicant and they can then log in to the private pages with these details.

The site also features a history timeline using jQuery slider. The client is able to add historical events through the Drupal back-end and it's displayed in the timeline.

Also featured is an input field to find sporting facilities and events in your area, when you enter your town or post code you're taken to another site with the search facility pre-filled with the information previously entered.

This site is also responsive.

All work featured was carried out through my employment at Whitespace and as part of a project team.


"Having Laurence design, build and maintain my website for me was incredibly easy, flexible and dependable. The design was tailored to meet my ever changing ideas and requirements ... he's top of my list to return to for future projects."

Laura Lexx - Comedian

"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - Enjoyed my time working with Laurence ... He is a good team player, reliable and creative ... he would throw himself at it with gusto with the end result never failing to impress."

Philip Gearing - Owner / Manager of Foster Gearing