Tennent's I've GoT Mine - Facebook App

The Tennent's I've GoT Mine Facebook App required the GD image library to manipulate and create images and the Facebook API to get the user's name from their profile.

When the user granted the app access to their Facebook profile the script took the first letter of their name and used it to select a Tennent's font-styled image of that letter. This letter was then put onto an unbranded Tennent's can along with a customised couple of words. For example, if someone called Peter used the app, then the can would have a large styled letter 'P' on it with 'Peter's Lager' beneath.

This image was created as a JPG for the user to download and also as a PNG for when they shared the app. The shared app would display the sharer's can on the left with a call-to-action button to create their own branded Tennent's can on the right.

The length and letters in a person's name would determine the font size to handle names with many letters and it also handled the possessive apostrophe for names that ended with an 's'.

The app also featured a loading animation (and a fake delay) during the processing of the images.

All work featured was carried out through my employment at Whitespace and as part of a project team.


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