Tennent's T20th - Facebook App

My work for Tennent's T20th was to create a Facebook app as well as a standalone version on the tennents.com site.

The Facebook app was a competition in celebration of 20 years of T in the Park. The app asked visitors to state their favourite T in the Park act for the chance to win tickets to the upcoming event. This answer was carried through and displayed through different sections of the app.

The form for their submission features server-side and client-side validation. Once the form has been successfully submitted their is the option to share their favourite T in the Park act using Twitter intents and the Facebook API.

The work was also responsive for smaller devices.

All work featured was carried out through my employment at Whitespace and as part of a project team.


"Having Laurence design, build and maintain my website for me was incredibly easy, flexible and dependable. The design was tailored to meet my ever changing ideas and requirements ... he's top of my list to return to for future projects."

Laura Lexx - Comedian

"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - Enjoyed my time working with Laurence ... He is a good team player, reliable and creative ... he would throw himself at it with gusto with the end result never failing to impress."

Philip Gearing - Owner / Manager of Foster Gearing